Sunday, April 21, 2013

Xeriscape landscape design (Desert landscaping)


If you are looking for a landscape design to reduce the need for water for irrigation, Xeriscape landscape design or desert landscaping is the best bet for you. This garden design is suitable for regions that do not have access to plentiful supplies of fresh water. In addition, this method is gaining popularity in places with climate shift. The design suits well for sandy and compacted land with slope and rapid drain of water.

This type of landscaping has the following advantages:

  • Low consumption of water
  • Saves water for other precious uses
  • Less maintenance like lawn cutting
  • Special plants which make use of rainwater retention
  • Thrive well in water restrictions
  • Often these are visually more appealing than lawns

How to do a Xeriscape landscaping or desert landscaping

1) The basic principles are same in all areas where you want to implement Xeriscape design

2) Analyze your yard and decide what areas will become arid zones, intermediate and oasis

3) Adjust your existing landscape to be more conservative of water.

4) Design and construct an entirely new landscape with low water consumption

5) Group plants on the basis of their water requirements.

6) Reducing the grass in your yard is important.

7) Recommended to use a Drip irrigation system which delivers water slowly at or near the surface of the soil

8) Proper soil amendments can be done with organic materials after testing for organic and nutrient content.

9) Mulch is an essential part of a Xeriscape to minimize evaporation.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

Backyard of home is a wonderful and important place for many families.It could be used for dining, cooking, spending leisure time, socializing  playing and many more. The way we build it can affect the possibilities. Optimal management of the available space is mandatory to avoid cluttering. There are different ways ranging from laying down pavements (patios) which is good for putting tables and dining to garden with grass and flowers for relaxing in the fresh air.

The design of your backyard landscaping affect the possible ways in which it can be used. So plan it properly and carefully and go for a flexible design or the one which suits you the most. Have a look at several design pictures and adapt it to the one which suits you the most

The most popular patio styles/ backyard designs with different purpose are

  •   Dining patios 
  •   Living room patios, 
  •   Bistro patios 
  •   Sun-deck patios

As you can guess, dining patios are for having a nice outdoor dinner with family and are kept in close proximity to an outdoor kitchen. A space of 12 feet by 12 feet with a good pavement is suggested for ease of placing tables and cleaning.

Living room patio gives an out door relaxing place with family. You can relax and keep an eye on the children playing in the backyard. If privacy is of concern, the design needs to consider those aspects. It is always good to plan ahead and discuss with neighbors before constructing a screen or wall.

If you are looking for a small garden with a table or chair, your best bet is bistro patio. It is small and takes around 5 feet by 5 feet square.

Sun-deck patio needs more space and goes hand in hand with a pool design

Some added points to be considered while planning a backyard garden design are listed below

  • Always consider your personal taste and style

  • Consider the amount of time you can spend on maintenance

  • Do you want to make it simple or complex?

  • Do you want to make it with pavement (patio) or just with garden/lawn?

In summary , in this article i would like to stress on the proper space management and a plan which suites your likes and dislikes to choose the best patio or the backyard idea before going in to the real process of building the patio