Saturday, April 6, 2013

Planning and planting your garden design

The process of turning your ugly-looking backyard to a stunning landscape needs a lot of planning. In this article am going to introduce the sequence of operations from start to finish for a successful and long-standing landscape.

The key steps are :

  • Planning and design
  • Approvals and permits from the local authority
  • Control of weeds  and pests
  • Cleanups and demolitions
  • Trimming the trees
  • Earthwork and Drainage
  • Control erosion 
  • Water supply and electricity
  • Sprinklers and irrigation system
  • Constructions like retaining walls, fences
  • Furnishing , lighting etc
Knowing the heart of the land is vital in developing the kind of finely tuned landscape that’s easy to live with. Taking pictures, making notes, and moving around the plot to see things from as many perspectives as possible. Arriving at a good landscape design idea needs a lot of home work. Look at the fore-mentioned checklist  of key steps, where some of them can be accomplished by yourself, cutting down the overall cost. Ultimate aim is to set a landscaping idea which needs minimal , self maintenance.

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