Sunday, April 21, 2013

Xeriscape landscape design (Desert landscaping)


If you are looking for a landscape design to reduce the need for water for irrigation, Xeriscape landscape design or desert landscaping is the best bet for you. This garden design is suitable for regions that do not have access to plentiful supplies of fresh water. In addition, this method is gaining popularity in places with climate shift. The design suits well for sandy and compacted land with slope and rapid drain of water.

This type of landscaping has the following advantages:

  • Low consumption of water
  • Saves water for other precious uses
  • Less maintenance like lawn cutting
  • Special plants which make use of rainwater retention
  • Thrive well in water restrictions
  • Often these are visually more appealing than lawns

How to do a Xeriscape landscaping or desert landscaping

1) The basic principles are same in all areas where you want to implement Xeriscape design

2) Analyze your yard and decide what areas will become arid zones, intermediate and oasis

3) Adjust your existing landscape to be more conservative of water.

4) Design and construct an entirely new landscape with low water consumption

5) Group plants on the basis of their water requirements.

6) Reducing the grass in your yard is important.

7) Recommended to use a Drip irrigation system which delivers water slowly at or near the surface of the soil

8) Proper soil amendments can be done with organic materials after testing for organic and nutrient content.

9) Mulch is an essential part of a Xeriscape to minimize evaporation.

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